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The dashboard of wms software
The inbound of wms software
The inbound of wms software
The customer portal of wms software
The invoice of wms software
Th mobile application of wms software


Our easy-to-use Dashboard puts you in complete control

  • Instantly view warehouse capacity with chart

  • Picture customer share percentage in a real-time chart

  • See your current and pending job list

  • Know which items move the most

  • Get low stock alerts

The dashboard of wms software


Get a clear picture of Inbound Orders in real time

  • Get notice of prevision/reception

  • Pre-entries

  • Pre-entries by available customer

  • Reception of goods

  • Stock Return

  • Assignment of fixed or chaotic locations manually or with Mobile App

  • Location management using LIFO, FIFO and with control of free locations

  • Locations

  • Printing of location labels (bar codes)

  • Status (Open - Stored - Close)

  • Cross-docking

  • Design tariffs at entry by customer

  • CSV file to import bulk order  

The inbound of wms software


Stay on top of your Outbound Orders

  • Preparation of goods

  • Preparation of goods by customer availability

  • Receive orders by CSV file (bulk) 

  • Grouping of orders by destination

  • Picking / Kitting

  • Bulk Picking (faster process with multi orders)

  • Automatic location selection

  • Special tariffs in output

  • Shipping to a single address

  • Express shipping to multiple addresses

  • Status (Open - Pick - Pack - Ready to Ship - Close)

  • CSV file to connect with Shipping Carriers

The outbound of wms software


Seamless Invoicing to get paid faster - 3pl warehouse

  • Warehousing by day / week / month

  • Charges on fixed rates / CBM / pallet

  • Movements inbound / outbound

  • Minimum Billing

  • Free of Charge Period

  • 3pl warehouse

The invoice of wms software


  • Control warehouse storage space

  • Stock comparison

  • Movement control

  • Statistics


Customizable Configuration

  • Picking zones, warehousing and works

  • Load and unload platform

  • Warehouses, alleys, shelves and cells

  • Weight and volume control

  • Expeditions and receptions

  • Serial number control, batch, expiration date and quarantine date

  • Products detail

  • Multiple report management

  • Control of the operator’s work

  • View historic activity

  • Export of data to other applications (Excel, Acrobat)

  • Communication with external ERPs

  • Transparent communication with other systems (API)

  • Integrations with E-Commerce solutions & freight forwarder / courier services

  • CSV to upload bulk SKUs


Easy | Anytime | Anywhere

  • QR Barcode scanning

  • Security control

  • Automatic transmission to update the software

  • Incoming / outgoing / transfer

  • Android & iOS


Full access to your customer

  • Dashboard

  • Stock Balance List​

  • Most Frequent Movements

  • Min Stock Alert List

  • Expiry List

  • Customer Billing List

  • Damage Stock List

  • Reporting downloadable to Excel & PDF

​Easy portal to interact directly to the system and add information on :

  • Incoming Stock​

  • Outgoing Stock​​

Worldwide Storage monitor with 1 Login only!

The customer portal of wms software

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