The "Warehouse Location Numbering" System!

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It is more important as well as difficult to maintain a rack rather than set it up initially. Just like when we go for a shelf with much more things to store for day-to-day activities, how can we identify where exactly something has been placed and what it is. The absence of a clear understanding may mess-up the entire arrangements if we go for a random pick-up. Likewise, when it comes to a warehouse, if you do not have a clear understanding of where an inventory is placed and what it is actually, this could be more than enough to reduce your business graph. Think, what if a wrong inventory reaches a wrong customer? How to deal when something that is already returned reaches another customer by mistake? Remember, when running a business, quality demands more than anything. These are all about when you handle one warehouse alone at one location, that itself creates much more manual errors. Now, what if you handle many warehouses at different locations? Irrespective of human power, it is ultimately impossible to control and track everything with an automation. "Keep your warehouses well designed with optimum racks and identification numbers, connect with the right software and test it well in all the aspects to see how the software identifies the inventories depends on the warehouse locations and requirements. Once everything is set and working well, you can say that your business is on track. Assign the responsibilities to your software service provider and just concentrate on your sales." Simplicity & No duplication The numbering should never make complications to the entire warehouse processing. Even if a human feels it complicated, the system may feel it comfortable. But still, the more simpler your warehouse is, the more faster your things are. So, be simple when you number your warehouse. Nothing else is needed to destroy your business if you keep a duplication in warehouse numbering by mistake. You may end up with errors and errors on your daily activities. How to do it

In the given figure.1, you can see that each row of racking is given a number such as 01, 02, etc.. This results in one-sided picking as denoted by the arrows. The numbers denoted in the pick locations are the pick sequences. The shaded area is a pick location.

Pallet row numbering

This numbering is applicable if there is only one Aisle at the floor/at one location

F1 : 1st Floor

R1 – R4 : Racks

For example, if you need to select one inventory from this set of inventories, as given, the corresponding numbering must be,

R2 (3.2) F1 This can result in large walking distances as the order picker first visits the location on one side of the aisle and then returns to visit the locations on the other side. This method of identification can be utilized in very wide aisles.

Aisle numbering

This numbering is applicable if there is more than one Aisle at the same floor/at one same location

F1 : 1st Floor

R1 – R4 : Racks

A1 – A4 : Aisle

For example, if you need to select one inventory from this set of inventories, as given, the corresponding numbering must be,

A2 (R2 : 1.2) F1​ The above two figures are just few examples. There are much more things to explain and taken care when you run a business that has a warehouse back-end support. Talk to our "Warehouse Management and Location Numbering" experts if you need any clarifications on how we can make Warehouse Location Numbering effectively and efficiently. Understand before you decide anything. You can always watch how our system works for Warehouse Management. Here is the FREE Demo at your fingertip. Or if you prefer direct access into our software for a live experience, here is a chance to use our fully-fledged software ultimately free for 15-days. Use it live for your business and see how the software benefits you. Throughout these 15 days, all the supports from our end shall also be Free.

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