How an ideal WMS software should deal with an "Item Return"

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Once an item is requested for a return, it can always make the concerned team a bit disturbed. Neither company nor the customer usually like returning something that has already been purchased. Still, it is something that can't be avoided completely in a business. As the E-Commerce business are increasing, the chances of returns are directly proportional. And, the most important thing, if the return aspect is not being dealt with care, it can be more than enough to bring a back-mark in your business brand.

Imagine that you are an e-Commerce retailer, and you own a warehouse to handle stocks/inventories to fulfill your customer orders, you might have either already or supposed to be experienced an “Item Return” issue. Once there is an item happen to be coming back into your warehouse after sales, irrespective of whether it is a damaged stock or return for replacement due to some other reasons, with an absence of an efficient software, you may have to,

1.Manually open a new entry/job into your warehouse records

2. Find an accurate space for storage by calculating the size of the stock

3. Find the original entry on the records that was registered before sales

4. Relate both entries manually and make edits

And, many more things are coming under one process!

As the E-Commerce business is increasing nowadays, the chances of returns have become directly proportional. Managing stock return is actually associated with both item returns and reverse logistics. And, the most important thing, if the return aspect is not being dealt with that much of care, it could be more than enough to bring a black-mark into your business. But, as manual process takes more time and typically impossible when you deal with a big business, an efficient software to control everything is a must-do nowadays to cope-up with the competition. But the software must be easy, quick, efficient and affordable. Everything must come at your fingertip.

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