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In 1980, A new trend called “integrator” came up that brought DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT etc. into the market. They boosted the movement of documents between 2 points and thereby, everything got faster. This made all logistic companies irrespective of the size, started bringing them into their business. The arrival of integrator along with the existing technologies had changed the shipment practices drastically and the customers started getting the ability to order even smaller quantities more frequently. Today, another aspect turned all the things around, typically in the Freight Forwarding industry, “Fulfillment”.

As per the survey, the companies who do not prefer considering this “Order Fulfillment Process” may have a "painful" time until they start thinking to implement new trends. There are 7 steps to perform in order to keep an efficient Order Fulfillment Process.

So far, B2C(Business to Consumer) has been experiencing a significant change in the way of ordering products. This might affect the Freight Forwarding business as all these shipments are not handled by Freight Forwarders, but likely integrator or post services.

Key Logistic Trends

Robotics in the Warehouse

1.The things are moving into the next era of technology, and obviously, for the Logistics and Fulfillment verticals too


2.The robots can climb warehouse racks and perform the picking services


3.Alibaba, one of the world’s largest retailers, brought up robotic labor in one of their warehouses recently, and reduced the human workforce in the facility by 70%


4.Deutsche Bank says that Amazon, which now has around 80,000 robots in use, has been achieved an operational cost reduction of nearly 20% in the fulfillment centers, where they are deployed

Customer Services Survey says, 1.Around 70% of the customers are using social media to reach for the services 2.More than 90% of the customer support is being offered through social media 3.Automatic responds are helpful to keep 100% response rate 4.Social Media is going to be the most effective Sales platform in the upcoming years


Survey says, 1.By the next year or so, hopefully the chatbots rule the service sector, by answering more than 80% of the customer enquiries 2.The exact 24 x 7 support without any delays 3.Even though this cost is an investment, the rate to implement chatbots are becoming less these days

Warehouse Process Automation and Mobile Application 1.This is the most important aspect to cope-up with the latest competition 2.The effectiveness and efficiency inside a warehouse reflects in the entire Ecommerce process 3.A well-established process streamlines your warehouse and reduces the chances of errors 4.A perfect Mobile Application is also very important here And, here is what we helps you, "Warehouse Process Automation and Mobile Application" ! • Today, our team strength has a special set, being assigned for dedicated research • As the technology brings up new trends everywhere, our team keep on doing tweaks into the Warehouse Management System in such a way that it should match the new aspects without making any change in the cost to customers • As already stated, our keys to success are the most affordable cost as well as the simplicity of software • Our Software makes sure of giving you a level of services that must be almost like how the 'Giants' are demanding, but not that expensive as they demand • We have integrated our WMS to e-Commerce & Marketplace platforms to work together with your customers and bring them new solutions • Your customers shall have full access to monitor their inventory online, and they can store goods in various locations worldwide • The “Logistics & Fulfillment” trends are growing rapidly. The trends keep moving and wait for no one.

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