Role of effective "Pick & Pack" in 3P Logistics

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To give a basic idea, 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) is an act by a firm outsources its logistics aspect into a third party company, and it actually comes under Supply-Chain Management. Outsourcing distribution to a 3PL company for warehousing and 'Pick-Pack' services, helps them to make order fulfillment easier in the longer term. As any entrepreneur knows, the heart and soul of a successful business is a well-designed Supply-Chain Management process. The efficiency of product fulfillment throughout the shipping process boosts the revenue to a great extent.

Picking, Packing and Shipping

Manual Process!

Picking: Once an order is received, before moving into the picking directly, you may even have to investigate the long list of inventories and make sure if the product is available in your warehouse. Once you find the availability, you may have to find where exactly the product is being placed in your warehouse. This can usually be done by either hard documentation or using an online/offline spreadsheet.

Packing: Once the picking is done, the next step is to pack the inventory safely, that must make sure of its protection until it reaches the destination

Shipping: Once the packing is done, the process for shipment takes place, to make sure a safe travel until the destination

Automated Process!

Automating the process brings easiness, accuracy and quickness everywhere.

Picking : The process starts from QR code scanning that gives an exact idea where exactly an inventory is being place. This helps to pick the right inventory from the right place very easily.

Packing : Once the packing is done, all the inventories are added with QR code that will be used for tracking

Shipping : The shipment process irrespective of the distance is easy to track and make sure of the reach at the destination

Primary types:

Single-Order Pick and Pack:

This can be the most simple one. As soon as the order is placed for a single pick and pack, the process makes it ready for shipping and get it prioritized as per the shipping date. The order item might be embedded with a label so that the customer can identify what is there in the pack. This is typically useful when there are wholesale orderings that focus on a single customer on a regular basis.

Batch-Order Pick and Pack:

This must be useful when there are multiple smaller orders are in place. These types are more preferable when the delivery distance is a bit far from the picking area. This method is used for orders that come from different racks of the same warehouse or from different warehouses. Batch-order picking also reduces the time needed to process many SKUs. The focus on multi-batch order picking is utilizing software and procedures to help reduce pick time and eliminate the mixing of orders

Talk to us to know more about different types and aspects of 3P Logistics. And, in addition to all, system is managing the Transfer through a Mobile App for a fast transfer - This enable each 3PL companies to work in a very professional way and avoid mixing up the full boxes and the open boxes

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