How to migrate from existing into a complete new WMS Software within just 7 Days

December 18, 2018


(Please feel free to watch our video instead of reading)



As soon as you decide to change a WMS Software for your company, it is important to keep on live-testing thoroughly during the FREE Trial days, and understand the features. This can help you understand how the new system is performing compared to your existing system. 

Migration into a new system depends on how efficiently you are prepared for this move. This largely depends on the warehouse size, number of customers and SKUs and much more. A well planned transition works better here, that needs a detailed help from the WMS service provider. The plan helps you to merge quicker and make the system apt for further processing.


The dedicated team in the company usually join hands with the service provider team to make this happen perfectly.


  1. Close all open orders

  2. Download on a file all the data such as :

    1. Remaining quantity per SKU

    2. Locations

    3. Boxes type

    4. Packing Standard per SKU

  3. Upload the data into the new system


If there are many customers and different SKUs, this process can be merged on client-by-client basis, only if it seems difficult to do all at once. And, the best time to do this is mainly either during the week-ends or during the the days where business is slower. 


WMS-lite has developed a very advanced CSV files to help this migration even faster. The old data can be downloaded into Excel files and uploaded into the system by using the CSV files. Of course, some preparation must be done according to the system features - but uploading many SKUs, quantity, etc. can be done in a very short time. 


The 7-Days process plan from us gives you a perfect migration from your existing system into a new WMS Software. You can get more details through our PDF here.


Also, you can anytime either watch our FREE Demo or experience our software for FREE, before you read about migration. 



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