WMS-lite software boosts your E-Commerce Fulfillment

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A software dedicated for E-Commerce solutions must have the power to lift your business into the next level — Better efficiency, better accuracy, better service and better results. As technology improves gradually, there are two things our experts kept in mind when we had the designing of our E-Commerce solution to our customers. Firstly, our software must be available at a competitive cost so that even an SME can afford the expense. The next should be to keep our name as the most easiest E-Commerce order fulfillment software in the Market today. And, we makes sure of both in our hands as always. Small and Medium Ecommerce companies feel delighted to use high-end software for sure. But, the cost must be beyond the level of their expectations. So, being more focus on SMEs, the key of our software is to bring a similar level of experience that a 'Giant' offer in this WMS industry. Our experts did a bunch of researches to list down the best for you.

E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Process An Order Fulfillment Process is ultimately an aspect of Inventory Management that involves a set of steps starting from storing an inventory up to its delivery to the end customer, that includes the return order management too.

Step 1: Inventory Planning and Forecasting As an Ecommerce owner, the first thing you should understand, is a clear idea of a product, its existing and forecasted demands, its stock details in your warehouse and much more. Step 2: Inventory Storage The next step is to put together all the essential inventories in your warehouse as per the market demand. Make sure that you should go for a perfect market research that helps you forecasting customer expectations. Keep your warehouse updated with all the essentially required inventories so that you are become all set to handle quick orders at anytime.

Step 3: Order Receiving

From this level, the customer relation starts

The sorting should happen in terms of delivery dates

The special orders (e.g., 1-day delivery) should be prioritized

The customer should get an email/message notification once an order is placed

The customer must be provided with an Estimated Time of Arrival on each product they order

Step 4: Inventory picking and Packing

As per the order from a customer, the product must be identified through the Location Numbering System in a warehouse, pick the right product, verify it and, get it packed for the shipment

Step 5: Shipping : This is very important in a customer point of view. Only you are responsible to deliver a product safely in customer hands, irrespective of whichever carrier you choose. Make sure you should tie-up with a reputed Logistic services for all E-commerce transportation

Step 6: Order Tracking The Logistic services you prefer must have the facility to enable tracking of each order so that the customer can do an online get-in touch through the entire level of transportation until their products are in their hands.

Step 7: Order Return Management

As soon as the product is accepted by the customer, there should be an invoice to go to their email as a proof. Also, once the product is returned due to defects or any other issues, it is important to take care of the same too.

A successful E-Commerce business largely depends on various factors including easiness, error-free process, security, speed etc. The combination of all these brings you the best process on your E-Commerce business. Remember, you are running a business online.

1. Make sure that you enhance the overall user experience so that your customers will get delighted

2. Make sure that you won’t face any error in handling user orders, so that your customers trust you more

3. Make sure that your stocks are properly updated, so that you would never be running out of stock

4. Make sure that you value the customer stock returns well, so that your clients feel happy to reach you again

5. Make sure that you provide essential security for all transactions through your website, so that your clients feel free to share money with you

6. Make sure that you study the software reports carefully, so that you can understand your business profit graph

7. Make sure that you think of your customer aspects, so that your customers will contact you always

We have integrated our WMS Software into e-Commerce & Marketplace platforms, to work hand-in-hand with your customers to help them bring new solutions. Your customer can have a full access to monitor their inventory online, and can store the goods in various locations worldwide.

And the most important thing, our brand has introduced a 25% money-back grants for Singapore registered SMEs, through the entire 1 year. Please read it more here and apply for FREE if you are eligible.

We believe it is not too late to take action into this direction and develop your services into “Logistics & Fulfillment”. But, do not wait, the trend is moving fast and your competitors are not waiting! Get either a quick overview of our software or feel free to take it for 15-Days FREE Experience.

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