How "Smartphone-QR Code" System works better in Warehouses than Barcodes!

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In 1948, everything got started through a small food vendor who realized how difficult it was to keep a track of all his inventories and their prices. And, he decided to find an effective solution to this problem. He got in touch with the Drexel Institute of Technology to work out a feasible answer to the problem. Bernard Silver from the institute accepted the challenge and started investigating the problem. He just started working to find out an effective solution to keep record of the items being sold. He, along with some of his students realized that the answer belongs to something in ultraviolet rays, scanner and ink. Norman Joseph Woodland, one of the students, came up with an idea of using ultraviolet sensitive ink. And the team brought a working prototype only to realize that it must be too expensive and not very stable for printing. And, all of them decided to stop processing the same, except one person. And, he was Norman Joseph Woodland. He decided to stand at the same thought and believed that it is a workable idea. So, he made a full-stop on his days at the Institute, and decided to concentrate on the barcode solution. They, later came up with an idea of “Morse Code” on a paper. But, instead of using dots and dashes, they extended them and brought a series of broad and thin lines. They again developed a device to scan the broad and lines. And, that made an entry of Barcoding scanning concept. Just a thought from a small food store owner has brought a new era into the business world. Everything got faster.

Introduction of Barcodes into business have brought a great set of improvements in data processing, especially on large scale industries.

And, when this Barcode system replaced with QR code aspect, the efficiency become even larger. Even though QR codes are in use at most of the industries now, many warehouses are yet to be implemented with this feature. Nowadays, large Shipping companies use these codes to track their items from shipment until delivery. So, this comes definitely as a very important add-on to all the verticals since it reduces the cost, and makes the control of operation far better.

How QR Code system becomes better than Barcodes:

Just to keep in short, QR codes are 2-Dimensional but Barcodes are not. Means, in Barcode system, since it is only 1-Dimensional, it stores the data only in 'horizontal' direction. But, when it comes to QR Codes, it stores the data in both 'horizontal' and 'vertical' directions. Means, obviously, QR codes can perform better in all the industries especially in terms of inventory handling.

Advantages of QR Codes: There are a lot of advantages on using QR code system in business. Some of them are explained here.

QR code system is versatile: This can encode different types of data, for example, alphabets, numeric, special, binary etc. Quick processing: This is extremely faster than other techniques Tolerance is even better: Even though some of the codes are damaged in one QR code, the information might still be available to decode

Storage capacity of information: This has more capacity to store information than barcodes

The Smartphones are QR Codes:

Most of the Smartphones are already being installed with a QR scanner built in, this makes easier for warehouse employees to use this as a tools to check items in and out of a warehouse. QR codes has more capacity to store data, it is possible to save everything of a product, from the product type/ number to even the shipping details. This, in addition to a warehouse management system on cloud can keep track of inventories and make better purchasing decisions as a result.

Our software has a fully fledged QR Code system that should be even more efficient on using Mobile devices, with both Android and iOS platforms. The user can generate QR codes for both racks as well as items. Through these QR codes, the system tracks each and every aspects within a warehouse too.

To know more about how QR codes works better in warehouses, just put together your questions and send to us. Our team shall respond you with answers either email or call.

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